Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Creatures

These are some of the quirky little chaps I have made out of socks, based on the book Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy.


I used:
Wild Rumpus by Emily Merrit, Scruffy Stripy Alpha by Kate Hadfield, Stitching from Zoology collab from Inspiration Lane, buttons from Your Planet or Mine by 4 Shades Of Blue Design and tabs from Capture The Moment by Kate Hadfield and Lily.


mellowbutterfly said...

those are adorable Jen! Do I see an etsy store on the horizon???

jen said...

What? You mean part with them??? Oh cover your ears sock creatures!

mellowbutterfly said...

LOL - well, they'd make cute gifts :D Hint, hint!

whatkatiedid said...

Oooh, OOOH! I love that green stripey one! This is so cool Jen (what a perfect kit for these pics btw!)