Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Girl

Well it was a couple of weeks ago, but I just got round to scrapping Kittys birthday photos...


I used 'Cake and Friends' by Damayanti Designs.


I mostly used Sweet Melody by Jofia Defoe with white butterflies and rain from Invisible World by Newlife Design.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stone Giants

Been tinkering with some photos, one of the Ring Of Brodgar on Orkney and another of Zoe. I had a quote in my 'inspiration' notebook I copied from a book in the cottage we stayed in when we went to Orkney and I wanted to use it on a page.

Journalling reads:
The standing stones that are everywhere in Orkney were giants. They did their business and held their revels by night.They were great stupid, blundering, fighting creatures. The sun was death to them, so they had heard, and therefore they didn’t go about in the daytime. What happened to the giants nobody knows for sure. But their last night on earth must have been spent in some kind of celebration. What is the Ring Of Brodgar but the giants going round in a dance? The dancing had gone on since the previous sunset, and was scheduled to end half-an hour before dawn. All the giants of Orkney were there. They drank hogshead after hogshead of heather ale, and the mirth waxed fast and furious round about midnight - it was like thunder rolling among the hills. Whatever giantess it was who brewed the ale she had never made it stronger. Dance followed dance; the pipe music was like the howling of a tempest. Presently the soberest giant there said, “It’s a half-hour till sunrise” and he lurched off home over the hills. Others left singly or in groups of two or three. Three lugged an inebriate one off in the direction of Maeshowe... “Fools!” shouted Megalith the host. “Cowards! Afraid of a blink of sunlight!” And he led the dancers who were left round in a rejoicing circle. Then the sun rose and turned every giant in Orkney to stone - not only the dancers, but those who were speeding or staggering homewards. The tallest giant of them all was standing by the Loch of Stenness thinking how delicious a drink of cold loch water would be after all that ale, when a sunbeam petrified him. The gods were merciful in the case of that giant - every new years morning they allow him to stoop down and take a sip of Loch Stenness.
By George Mackay Brown from Letters from Hamnavoe.
Ring Of Brodgar

Background - from Melody of your Heart and A Little Bit of Autumn both by Bluebell Scraps (blended together)

Magical Swirls 3 - Winter (Kitty Design)

Moss by Dawn Createwings (gift in Enchanted Forest by Madame Mim and Milla)

Clouds - Weather Station (Dawn Inskip)

Sparkles on face - Stroke of Midnight (Paint the Moon and Jofia Defoe)

Stones from September Days by Michelle Batton (at Mellow Butterfly) (engraved by me)

Moss on stones from Pacific Grove (Paint the Moon)

Alpha from Funky Junky (Kate Hadfield)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lets Have Fun

Gisela B has a new kit out too, called ***Lets Have Fun***

I used it here (baby bead alpha by Danielle at catscrap)

And here (Dreamy Antique Photo Action by Paint the Moon at Oscraps)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cherish Happiness

A Brand new kit from Kim De Smet ***Cherish Happiness***! Available at Oscraps.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Blackdog has pointed me in the direction of her challenge blog Out Of The Box - current challenge is entitled fear. My layout is not subtle in telling you what my biggest phobia is. Really creeped me out doing this as I have issues with even pictures of the things. I opted for a toy one from a kit by Gisela B because I really couldn't face searching for something more realistic than that. Oooh shudder.



Background from Mamarazzi by Holliewood Studios

You know what from Pocketful of Treasures by Gisela B (

Web and ray of light from Enchanted Forest by Milla and Madame Mim,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stormy Sea


I have been much admiring the layouts (feel that that word isn't enough - they're art) of Black Dog. She is seriously creative and uses so many elements of vast numbers of kits in each of her works. I generally keep to one kit when I make a page - mainly because most of my stuff is CT stuff and is meant to highlight each kit. So for a change I wanted to make a layout (purely inspired by Black Dog) using lots of different kits. I found stuff on my hard drive I didn't even remember I had. The boat I extracted from a photo I took on Orkney.

Credits (big list here!)...
Background from Winter's Kiss by Kitty Designs
Background (blended) Weathered Backgrounds 2 by Paint the Moon
Water and rain from Need Some Water by Jofia Defoe
Birds and mast from Painted With The Autumn Sun by Jofia Defoe
Rope (on boat) from Urban Medley by Madame Mim
Fog - cloud from Diamond Rain by Jofia Defoe
Cloud from The Invisible World by Newlife Design
Sand, Net, Rocks and Moss from Pacific Grove by Paint The Moon
Darkest Clouds from Weather Station by Dawn Inskip
Bottle and Hook (on boat) from Bottle It Up by Maya Design
Ray of light from Enchanted Forest by Milla and Madame Mim.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Capture The Moment

Last summer a friend of mine came over and we were 'playing' with our cameras in the garden. While I was snapping she lent her camera to Kitty and while Kitty was snapping I got some lovely shots of her doing a bit of a papparazzi.
Everything is from Mamarazzi by Holliewood Studios at Oscraps.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Checkered Love

Gisela B has a new kit out too. Its called Checkered Love
My pages with it...


Kim De Smet has relaunched her kit Clownerie now with added elements including some super cute polymer clay clowns.

Here's my page...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Autumn Beauty

I know, I know, Autumn was ages ago. The photo is from a couple of years ago too, but I was given a voucher to Scrapshana's store at Digiscrapaganza for Christmas and one of my buys was this autumn kit...

credits...I used...Autumn Harvest, Glitter Glam Stickers, Edgies, Scrabble Alpha and badge from Owl always love You, all by Scrapshana at Digiscrapaganza.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

For Sue M...

My friend Sue has been asking me for some links to things, some may be useful to anyone...

Journal Your Christmas Flickr group

Your Fonts (make a free font from your own handwriting)

Wordle (make some word clouds - not actually asked for by Sue but I know she'd like this)

Hopes and Dreams

There's a new collab kit at Oscraps called **Hopes and Dreams**

I have used it here...

and combined it with Bella Noel by Vicki Stegall here...

The photos are all of Zoe when she was much younger. She's here again, this time in fairyland...

(kit is The Invisible World by Newlife Designs)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting Frosty

We've had snow here since monday (finally its melted) - why did it wait till the girls went back to school? Still it was perfect for scrapping with Gisela B's new kit **Getting Frosty**....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Its been a wonderful Christmas season and Kev and the girls are back at work and school and today was the last day of my Christmas Journal. Here are some pics of my last 2 pages and the finished album...

Friday, January 02, 2009


Todays journal entry...

I think Christmas must have a little spark of magic in there somewhere. Its easy to think its become more commercial, and I’m not a religious type,but despite all that I feel a warmth come every festive season. I think back over the month and there was the Wrenbury meal, all of us very different people but all sharing the common bond of crafting, and we had a riot reminiscing. I think of the generosity of the people who gave donations when the band played in the town square. The Christmas meal at Alvaston with the Willaston mums that made me feel so included. Even goodwill messages from online friends make you feel warm and fuzzy. I reckon Christmas brings out the best in people.We should try to make it last all year.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Its 2009 already! I just finished yesterdays and todays journal pages...