Monday, September 28, 2009

Why I Love Digital Scrapbooking


I used
Capture The Moment
by Kate Hadfield an Designs by Lili
from the Lilypad

Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Cute To Spook

Michelle (Batton) and Jane (4 Shades Of Blue Design) have got together and made their first collab kit. It's called This Is Halloween


I used...
This Is Halloween
(The Collection - though also available as separates) -
A collab by 4 Shades Of Blue Design and Michelle Batton
available at The Digi Chick
Abused film borders by Christina Renee

The Leaves Have Begun To Fall


We have lots of very large trees surrounding our garden - none of which actually belong to us, there all in neighbouring gardens. Every year the inevitable happens and we spend hours raking up leaves. Good things come out of it though as we bag them all up and chuck them behind the shed and the next year we have our own mulch for the flower beds and veggie patch.

I used...
Artful Mess Papers
Leaves and stitches from Autumn Harvest
Ribbons and green bits from Sunday Morning -
All by 4 Shades Of Blue Design at The Digi Chick
'Collage Bits' - Christina Renee

Halloween Cookies

Jane (4 Shades Of Blue Design) has new Halloween Cookies out at Digi Chick...


I used
Halloween Cookies from 4 Shades Of Blue Design at The Digi Chick
papers from Boys Urban World
Orange alpha from Autumn Harvest
All by 4 Shades Of Blue at The Digi Chick,
Flocked Alpha by Christina Renee

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trick Or Treat

Could not resist having another play with Hollie's kit All Hallows Eve (see last post for links). The spooky house is actually a photo I took of Whitby Abbey (features in the book Dracula).


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Memory Of Our Gothic Days

Saw this kit from Holliewood studios and knew I had to have it for halloween pics. Couldn't resist having an early play with it though. The photo is Kev and me when we were in our late teens. Love Kev's gothy wayward look here, very Bob Smith. Fabulous kit Hollie had great fun with this.


Kit All Hallows Eve by Holliewood Studios at Oscraps.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Night Magic

I used:
Into the Night by Createwings Designs at After 5
and Into the Night Blog Freebie
moon beams from The Invisible World by Newlife Design

Update on the Boys

Well the boys have settled in very nicely now. They are keeping us all entertained with their mischievous antics. They are still getting used to the rest of my family but as their principle can opener they have both become quite attached to me. George is a bundle of affection, happy to sit on my lap and wash my nose. Eric is a bit more reserved, and though he still backs away sometimes he is now loving sitting on my lap and has a huge purr. He shadows me at all times and seems quite distraught if I get away! They eat like a couple of rapidly growing boys, which of course is allowed cos that's what they are. Though they love a rough and tumble play fight, they are very well behaved towards people and they do not bite or scratch intentionally. They haven't ventured outside yes as we have been advised to keep them in until after they have been neutered, and I want to make sure they know where home is first anyway. They now have their collars on, which will be essential when they do go out - being black cats they will need reflective collars, even though they will be kept in at nigh, winter is just around the corner really, and the nights will be drawing in.
Kit- Perfect Day by Flergs, Beths Basic Blenders by Michelle Batton at the Digi Chick

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Kitties!

Meet Eric and George....

We picked them up from the Cats Protection Rescue place on Monday. Eric is very shy but they are both cute and total nutters!

Michelle Batton's Big News!!!

I bring you official exciting news from Michelle Batton. She has closed down all her old stores and is putting everything in the fantastic store at The Digi Chick
Not only that bur she is having a 30% off sale until September 7th

She is launching her new kit Ladybug Picnic there too! I used it to create this page....