Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update on the Boys

Well the boys have settled in very nicely now. They are keeping us all entertained with their mischievous antics. They are still getting used to the rest of my family but as their principle can opener they have both become quite attached to me. George is a bundle of affection, happy to sit on my lap and wash my nose. Eric is a bit more reserved, and though he still backs away sometimes he is now loving sitting on my lap and has a huge purr. He shadows me at all times and seems quite distraught if I get away! They eat like a couple of rapidly growing boys, which of course is allowed cos that's what they are. Though they love a rough and tumble play fight, they are very well behaved towards people and they do not bite or scratch intentionally. They haven't ventured outside yes as we have been advised to keep them in until after they have been neutered, and I want to make sure they know where home is first anyway. They now have their collars on, which will be essential when they do go out - being black cats they will need reflective collars, even though they will be kept in at nigh, winter is just around the corner really, and the nights will be drawing in.
Kit- Perfect Day by Flergs, Beths Basic Blenders by Michelle Batton at the Digi Chick

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