Friday, January 02, 2009


Todays journal entry...

I think Christmas must have a little spark of magic in there somewhere. Its easy to think its become more commercial, and I’m not a religious type,but despite all that I feel a warmth come every festive season. I think back over the month and there was the Wrenbury meal, all of us very different people but all sharing the common bond of crafting, and we had a riot reminiscing. I think of the generosity of the people who gave donations when the band played in the town square. The Christmas meal at Alvaston with the Willaston mums that made me feel so included. Even goodwill messages from online friends make you feel warm and fuzzy. I reckon Christmas brings out the best in people.We should try to make it last all year.

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CoventryAnn said...

Love your journalling.