Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Perfect !!

You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.

You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.

But you sure can beat a good drum.

"Kill! Kill!"

You Should Drive a Yellow Car

You're the type of driver who doesn't mind giving someone a break on the road.

You are eternally cheerful, and a little bad traffic is never going to effect your mood.

And while you're definitely laid back, a part of you also loves to be noticed.

You're a performer at heart. And you love showing off a few slick driving moves every now and then!


Flergs said...

I love animal!!! He reminds me of Tommy Lee! LOL.

Jane/Wags said...

Thanks for the links to the personality tests - those were fun.

Heather said...

ROFL That's awesome! Have a great day!

Beth Kern said...

Oh what a fun post, thanks for the tests, I had fun doing them.