Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We had a terrible storm last night, during university challenge (humpf) and all the rain rushed down the length of our road like a river and into our garage:(It got up to about 6 inches deep and nearly got in the house which is tagged on the back of the garage. In the side passage it was halfway up to my knees. Our neighbours helped us to sweep the water back up to the drain. Have spent all day up to now sorting through the damage. Nothing vital was lost but we had to individually dry out my mothers photo collection (she lives with us). It was her birthday yesterday too :(Garage is mostly dry now, but everything from it is drying all over the kitchen and we can hardly move and all the bins are full of what we couldn't save. There's this strange patch in the lawn where it looks like the turf was lifted up from underneath. I am so worn out, phew. Still it could have been much worse.